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Registration form

Hi there!

As we strive to make Soñemos perfect in every way, given the limited legroom of our venues, we can only host up to 250 of you and therefore we ask you to fill this registration form. It is a festival with a marathon twist! There is no selection process, everybody is welcome, however for your careless dreaming we will keep an eye on leader-follower and country balance.

For complete Soñemos experience we offer you a package which includes all milongas with a tempting discount. Still you are free to pick and choose between individual milongas if it works better for you. We will also serve some delicious finger-food before Saturday and Sunday afternoon milongas, so feel free to drop in. And there is more! We invite you for a unique Storytelling tour - take a walk with (cool and awesome) professor Dijana Zorić, our very own storytelling goddess, where she will tell the tales about our city which even many of locals have never heard before.


Finger food served ahead of Saturday and Sunday milongas are on us, drinks are on you.

Storytelling tour is free for all participants who register in advance.

*Note your partner must fill registration form spearately.
*If you selected Full milonga pass, please make sure you don't check other milongas